Pleasure and satisfaction in one’s own achievements or qualities 

High opinion in oneself or someone associated 

See, my people were here when the world was first created 

Blessed with wisdom by the God Source that made it 

Studying life’s purpose and dissecting the land 

Without duplication just nature the first womban 

Tireless work to create a life 

Connecting to the energy of the light 

Nourished with nature’s medicine 

Made strong through what we take in 

Searing sun rays and exposed skin 

Create the pigment called melanin 

Gifted through genetic origin 

Responsible for our beautiful brown skin 

Heat causes a reaction to shrink 

The reason for every curl and kink 

On the heads of those with Afrakan links 

Our features are a symbol of knowledge and strength 

At an unmeasurable length 

Existence without a machine or a trigger 

The reason for our breast, hips, and curvy figure 

Muscle expands the more frequently used 

When creating existence, you would give it all wouldn’t you? 

So, take pleasure in nature’s sunscreen 

Let your skin be seen 

Never restrain from loving your hair

Even if they stare 

A proud king and queen do not care 

Take time to consider why they do 

To transform the generation to another version of you 

But you are you 

A work of art 

A muse 

Inspiration for others to know what to do

When I say be proud 

Understand everything is inside of you 

Strength, love, beauty, and virtue 

Your beautiful roots affirm your identity 

End the comparison and say 

“I love me” 


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